The magician

A speck of dust in the universe, just like you. Magician is just a word. It could be Peti, Laci, Tibi, Sanyi, wild boar, falcon, banana, chrysanthemum or simply writer. It carries no distinction, and at most has the magical power to eliminate everything associated with the creator. It simply obscures who is behind the writing, so that you can concentrate on the words.

I give what I have, what I have experienced, and what I can lovingly give and give away. With heart, with reason, with awareness. As it was once said:

“You are a magician by helping.”

The Diary

While we all think we are important and came into the world with a purpose, we are really just drifting along doing what we often don’t even know what it is. We think something, we believe something that we proclaim with sacred conviction. And then sometimes it takes a lifetime to realise, or even more so to admit, that this is not our way.

I felt it was important to start a site where words, phrases and conditions we use regularly can take on new meaning through deeper observation and analysis from a different perspective. In this way helping understanding and development on a general and individual level. There are thoughts in it, and there is clear communication. That is why it is a diary.

Read it, take it, use it as you like and pass it on if you think of someone who can help. However, remember, you can only help if the other person wants it and, more importantly, expresses it to you, i.e. asks for it. Until that moment happens, all your efforts, even if they are of the noblest intentions, will be an external intervention that is all about you. Everyone has the right to suffer, you cannot prevent it.

The diary is a special place where you can see the world through my eyes.
Be my guest!